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This is the first sonnet I wrote for my wife, Sylvia.





         On a motor bike, days of rockers, mods, 

       Abroad for the first time, the sounds I saw,

       The BSA and Triumph Tiger Cub's roar,

       And my friend's girlfriend, long gone to false  


       Four husbands since, countless odds and 

       poor sods

       As well. Me? I got the beautiful straw

       Sweet seventeen then, now a few years more! 

       The lottery of life, what are the odds

       To meet your life's love when you're


       Of journeying through life, laughter and fun,

       Bringing up babies, one daughter, three sons,

       And when you're fifty four she's still your 


       I look in her eyes and myself I see,

       Two bodies, one heart for eternity.


May, 1997.