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When respectable and astonishingly handsome country doctor makes an outrageous offer for the Church Heating Fund Auction the quiet Tynedale village of Follingham-by-the-Tyne is torn apart. Rather naively Dr Ricky Matthews does not expect his offer to spend a day (not a night as he keeps emphasising) in bed with whoever wins to send the women of the village into wild sexual fantasies. A group of women who meet in the pub every week plan to win the auction by pledging two thousand pounds each and also by persuading Dr Matthew’s beautiful wife Beth that only bids from village women should be accepted. Furthermore, the Fourteen, as they call themselves, led by Randy Raquel and Luscious Lucy, plan to split the day into fourteen sessions so they can all have sex with the gorgeous Dr Matthews. As the day of the auction draws nearer Dr Matthews is horrified to hear what the Fourteen are planning. He tells the vicar he wants to withdraw but the vicar tells him he cannot as otherwise there will be a riot. How can Dr Matthews and his wife keep the vicar, the village women and the Church Heating Fund happy without being dragged into a series of sordid sexual encounters that could wreck their very happy marriage?