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  Quotations Praising GLOBE 

  A really great first novel. Unexpectedly thrilling. A real page turner. 

  R. Watson, Wallsend, UK. 

  Not only a great thriller but extremely thought provoking too. If you think at all about the possible future development of the human race then you should read this book. Fiction? Or too close to the truth for comfort? 


K. A. Potts, Cambridge, UK. 


What a fabulous read! Welcome to two new excellent writers. Heslop and Dearden deliver the goods big time. 


 H. Dominic, Edinburgh, UK. 


The law of unintended consequences warns that an intervention in a complex system invariably creates

unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes.


Predicting the future is a complex business – digital computers were simply not up to the task. Early in the 21st century a new type of computer was invented – an organic based computer that mimicked the action of neurons. Using massively parallel computing power and goal seeking software – artificial intelligence was no longer  a far off dream. Breakthroughs in synthetic DNA construction opened new techniques for building memory, processing, self-repair and self-organisation – a new technology was born.


Deep under the surface of the Nevada desert a prototype was being created – GLOBE. Its main architect was Professor Steven Kants, formally of M.I.T. His sudden death has thrown the project director, Peterson, into a panic. He needs a replacement, and fast. 


Excited by her new job at the Artificial Intelligence Corporation, Dr Fleur Thomas's arrival is dramatic and mysterious. Her car tyres are shot out, she crashes and is escorted at gunpoint into the plant.


Changing the entire direction and purpose of the project in an insane gamble to save it, Peterson unleashes a series of events that brings Fleur Thomas and a presidential aide, Jonathan James Cain, together. Cain is forced to use all his strengths to save Fleur when unseen forces attack her.


Fleur and Cain are drawn closer and closer together as they are plunged into a world of malevolence as they try to solve the mystery at the heart of the project. Who is controlling GLOBE?What is GLOBE really being used for?


GLOBE is an action packed, non-stop contemporary thriller. It features the universal themes of love, power, greed and sex raising disturbing questions about technology and the way we want our lives to develop.


GLOBE is a difficult novel to classify as many female readers tend to be put off if a novel is described as science fiction. In some ways GLOBE is science fiction but in more ways it is not. The computer at the heart of the story becomes a complex living being due to the technology used to build it. As Craig Venter is now showing, the kind of computer that is GLOBE in the novel is no longer a remote possibility. It is here now.  


That is why we prefer to describe GLOBE as a contemporary thriller. The hero and heroine who fall in love – Fleur and Jonathan Cain – are in danger of losing their lives as they try to discover what or who is controlling GLOBE. 


GLOBE is a novel of today, of now and raises serious, very serious questions about how we want our lives to develop. 


GLOBE is available as a complete novel on Kindle.


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