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Here you'll find links to all my books available on the Kindle as well as the books I've co-authored with my friend, James E. Dearden (Jim). The big book here is GLOBE, an action packed contemporary thriller, co-authored with Jim.


If you want to know more about Jim and I simply click on the ABOUT US link on the left hand navigation panel.  


The BIG event coming up soon is THE SEVEN RUNES, a series of seven books charting the adventures of 12 year old Freya Vanaheim in 1900 Edinburgh. The first book is EARTH, due in November. 


Freya is pitched into a whirlwind of malevolence when her father, a pharmacist, but also secretly an alchemist, makes Freya his apprentice on the day of her twelfth birthday. This is totally against the rules of Jordon Vanaheim’s secret society. 


What follows involves terrible danger against Freya and her family as she is sent on a quest for the first rune. Freya is successful but at great personal cost. By the end of book one of THE SEVEN RUNES Freya emerges stronger but much sadder. 


The second book, AIR, is in advanced preparation and hopefully will be ready just in time for Christmas. 


My new book, just published on the Kindle and very different to my other books, is ANNIE'S GUEST, A Romance In Five Days.


Left on her own on Black Mountain in January when the North Eastern states are experiencing one of the heaviest snow storms for years, Annie is slowly recovering from a hysterectomy. Her husband, John Jackson, is attending a conference in New York City. 

Annie is exhausted both from the operation and the problems of trying to deal with her husband’s inattentions and the fact she is unable to work at the job she loves: teaching children in an all age school in rural Vermont.  

Once John has set off for New York she is both relieved and worried. At last she falls asleep and sleeps for over twenty hours.   

When she awakes she hears a voice from the garage asking her for help.  

And so begins a romance in five days … 

Due next month is my series of Petrarchan love sonnets written about my wife, called SYLVIA'S SONNETS.

Currently available in four separate versions is the contemporary thriller, GLOBE. 


Praises for GLOBE  


A really great first novel. Unexpectedly thrilling. A real page turner.  


R. Watson, Wallsend, UK.  


Not only a great thriller but extremely thought provoking too. If you think at all about the possible future development of the human race then you should read this book. Fiction? Or too close to the truth for comfort?  


K. A. Potts, Cambridge, UK.  


What a fabulous read! Welcome to two new excellent writers. Heslop and Dearden deliver the goods big time.  


H. Dominic, Edinburgh, UK.  


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