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James E. Dearden

I never really considered myself as a writer until I met Ian. We were both working as advisory teachers for Newcastle Education. My background was in science and technology. In fact I had just become a chief examiner in the subject. I think it was over a cup of coffee Ian and I started chatting about a molecular computer I would like to build but would never have the funds. That was back in the days when no one had heard of nano technology. Ian suggested I should write a book about it. Well that's how I started to write. In our very limited spare time we produced GLOBE, our first book as a writing partnership. Since then we have continued to write. I got the bug!

Our latest project is the SEVEN RUNES novels. I've always been interested in history and while I was out walking along the shore I picked up a strange flat stone. It was very dense. On both of the surfaces were scratches. When I examined it closely they formed three characters. I recognised the basic shapes as runic. This sparked my interest and I ended up researching not only runes but the whole Norse and Celtic cosmology. I was totally hooked. Living in the North East of England the Viking influence on my own language and culture is still very strong. The idea started to form in my head about how the ancient sagas could be re-worked in a different time frame. My heroine was a 12 year old girl, Freya,  location Edinburgh and the time 1900.

And so the story began.


Robert Ian Heslop

I have three sons, one daughter, two grandchildren and have been married for 48 years to my wife Sylvia. I am 69 years old, a retired high school teacher of English, Drama and Special Needs, and have been writing off and on for as long as I can remember. Amazon and Kindle are leading the way for authors like myself to at last gain recognition.

Back in the seventies I wrote a horror novel for children 11 to 12 years old. This came about because I wanted something that would work as a class reader when I was Head of English at my previous school. I even managed to get myself one of the leading children's agents of the time but the offers I got for the book would have meant me destroying the best of the book in order to make it fit into a series already conceived. I wasn't prepared to do this.

I have tried over the years to become published but have become disheartened by rejections. Globe came about because a dear friend of mine, Jim Dearden, got me started writing again when he came up with the idea of a molecular computer. It was entered into a competition, didn't win but got enough plaudits to get an offer to publish. We naturally took this up but the book never got any publicity and later the publisher went bust.

My old school, Walbottle High School, in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, always puts on a musical as the main production every summer. I helped to produce a number of them but the best one was in 1997 when I wrote the book, music and lyrics for my musical Ghostwalk. It is a rock and roll musical set in an American high school, circa 1955. It is loosely based on my favourite play, Hamlet, by the greatest writer who ever lived - William Shakespeare - and also refers in some of the events and names to my other hero, Elvis, the greatest singer who ever lived.

I have just published a romance, Annie's Guest, on the Kindle.

Since about 1997 I have been writing sonnets for my wife on the following occasions: Christmas, Valentine's Day, her birthday and our wedding anniversary. I've written close on fifty and I am busy preparing them for the Kindle for release later in the year.

My friend Jim and I are now working on a series of seven books called The Seven Runes. The first one, The Alchemist's Daughter, should be available on the Kindle before Christmas followed shortly by the second one, Knights of the Wyrm.

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